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I’ve been waiting for Russell Brand to comment on this and he doesn’t disappoint 



You can’t possibly have a debate with Israel apologists without them pointing out Hamas. Okay idiots let’s say they are the awful, threatening terrorists you claim them to be. You need to bare in mind that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine has started in 1948. Hamas was democratically elected in 2006. So do enlighten me who will you blame for the destructing years in between?

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On point.


The reality told by someone on the war front


I want to tell the world a story..


as of today more than 1,400 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, most of them civilians, over 8,000 more have been wounded, in excess of 200,000 have been driven from their homes, and amid massive structural damage schools and hospitals have been bombed. A Whitehouse spokesman said of Israel  .. "The shelling of a UN facility, that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence, is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible." On the Israeli side, 3 civilians and 53 soldiers have been killed (one shot accidentally by fellow troops). So far, there is no end in sight  .. (story here)


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Who is really using human shields? The IDF of course.

I think the most ironic thing about this whole “Hamas uses human shields” allegation, is that the IDF is notorious for using Palestinians as human shields.

This is far from unusual:

B’Tselem: IDF uses Palestinians as human shield.

B’Tselem: IDF used Palestinian girl as human shield in Nablus.

Two IDF soldiers charged with using 9 year old human shield in Gaza.

Video showing IDF using Palestinians as human shields in Gaza.

Israel has constantly used this allegation not only against civilians in Gaza, but also when it bombed civilian populations in Lebanon during the 2006 war. Witness accounts and international rights organizations have stated time and time again that no evidence to this has been found either in Lebanon or in Gaza.

But somehow, the word of Israel, a country that needs to hire people to spread its propaganda online, still has a shred of credibility.

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5 Moments Palestinians Proved They Will Never Be Defeated


These pictures show the bravery, courage and resolve of the Palestinian people and no matter how many are killed, they will never be defeated.

1. When this kid faced a tank with a rock.


 2. When their Mosque was bombed, it didn’t stop them from praying. image


3. When this woman risked her life to help a boy caught in the attack.






4. When these kids built a sea-saw out of the rubble and refused to have their childhood taken away.



5. And when this girl recovered books from her bombed home.




Seriously, this is what israelis teach their children, that they are literally the only actual human beings worthy of life, that they are literally the chosen people of a Deity.

This is not a joke. The phrase ‘Gods chosen people’ is taken literally by these murderous bastards. Their God says that they can kill and take the land of anyone who is not Israeli. They are dong it to Yemen and Palestine at this very moment. They are fucking evil.